Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2016

The Formula 1 alphabet of my life

It´s still off-season and I´m missing Formula 1 action dearly! A few days ago I read Minttu Virtanen´s blog post where she had written "the alphabet of her life" listing things that are important to her. This gave me an idea! Looking forward to the season 2016 I decided to sit down and have some fun from a Formula 1 point of view ;) So here´s the Formula 1 alphabet of my life:

A= AKI HINTSA. A Finnish physician, doctor and coach behind many F1 champions. Hintsa is known for his comprehensive model for personal success. A man who was told in the summer that he only had 3 months to live but against all odds he´ll be speaking to top level business executives in Davos next week! A man who has made a huge impression on me!

B= BENETTON. I started watching Formula 1 over 20 years ago in 1994 when Michael Schumacher was driving for Benetton. From the very first moment I knew who my favourite driver was!

C= CIRCUIT DE CATALUNYA. This Formula 1 circuit has a very special place in my heart as this is the venue where I´ve witnessed both Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel drive live! I have many great memories of those unforgettable days!

D= DNF. Something that I definitely don´t want to see happening to my red-suited favourites!

E= EVA. Eva is the name of Sebastian Vettel´s SF15-T and what a car it turned out to be! Sebastian won three races in 2015 at the wheel of his Eva.

F= FERRARI. The red passion that plays a significant role in my life. The best of all Formula 1 teams, a true legend.

G= GERMANY. I clearly tend to fall for German drivers! At first it was all about Michael Schumacher and now it´s all about certain Sebastian Vettel ;)

H= HELSINKI. Helsinki is not  only the capital of Finland and the city where I grew up. Helsinki is also the place where I´ve attended two unforgettable motor racing events. I witnessed Kimi Räikkönen drive a WRC car in Helsinki city centre together with rally legend Sebastian Loeb in 2011. Last summer there was a karting event and I had an opportunity to see Kimi drive a go-kart.

I= ICEMAN. One of my absolute favourites! Cool as ice. Wish I could ignore other peoples´ comments in a way that he can!

J= JOUTSA. A small town in Central Finland. But not just any town. The place where Sebastian Vettel has his summer cottage, which he bought from his friend Aki Hintsa quite recently.

K= KIMI RÄIKKÖNEN. So much more than words can ever tell ;) The man who does all the talking on track and doesn´t care what other people think of him. His team radio messages are legendary!

L= "LEAVE ME ALONE, I KNOW WHAT I´M DOING!" Abu Dhabi GP, 2012. Classic Kimi, an absolutely unforgettable phrase, which can be found on many beanies, hoodies and T-shirts! (On my beanie as well!)

M= MICHAEL SCHUMACHER. My idol for over a decade. This man is still often in my thoughts. His fate makes me think how unfair life sometimes is. I wish him all the best. Sometimes miracles do happen, like in Aki Hintsa´s case, so maybe recovery is possible for Schumacher as well.

N= NETHERLANDS. The home country of the rookie of the season, the hugely talented Max Verstappen.

O= OVERTAKING. The spice of Formula 1 racing. Something that certain Max Verstappen is very good at!

P= POLE POSITION. The place I want either Kimi or Sebastian to be on!

Q= QUALIFYING. An essential part of a GP weekend. Always gives me a lot to write about on my blog ;)

R= RED BULL RACING. The team where Sebastian won his four world championships so far. Sebastian´s years at Red Bull were filled with fairytale-like success!

S= SEBASTIAN VETTEL. My idol since 2009. No words to describe my admiration for this driver!

T= TOMMI PÄRMÄKOSKI. Sebastian Vettel has had many Finnish trainers during his Formula 1 career but if I`m asked, Tommi was the best! Tommi taught Sebastian to speak Finnish and they seemed to make a perfect team! Tommi helped Sebastian to go through the difficult moments in the season 2010, which tells a lot about Tommi´s psychological skills and vision not only in terms of Formula 1 racing but also life in general.

U= UNIQUE TALENT. Something that all my favourite drivers have in common. This is what makes me admire a person very much.

V= VERSTAPPEN. For me Formula 1 is all about Kimi and Sebastian but nevertheless, there´s a certain teenager, who has caught my eye this season and that´s Max Verstappen! Absolutely an exceptional talent.

YAS MARINA= Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi is one of the most breathtaking venues on F1 calendar, absolutely magical! The venue where Sebastian clinched his very first world championship in 2010 after a difficult first half of the season.

Sorry for leaving out the letters X and Z but I couldn´t think of anything starting with those letters...!

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