Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

torstai 5. toukokuuta 2016

Breaking news: Verstappen promoted to Red Bull Racing!

This morning I woke up to breaking news regarding the F1 world: Toro Rosso´s young super talent Max Verstappen was announced to join Red Bull Racing already from the Spanish GP, which will take place next week. The Russian Red Bull pilot Daniil Kvyat, on the other hand, has been demoted back to Red Bull´s sister team Toro Rosso. Wow, what an unexpected but spectacular turn!

Although Kvyat made it on the podium in China, his manoeuvres at Sochi were too much for Red Bull. It may have been forgivable to hit your rival at the start once -especially under the pressure in front of your home crowd- but crashing into your rival twice within just two corners was simply too much. Kvyat didn´t ruin only Sebastian Vettel´s race, but also his own and his teammate´s, which took away a lot of possible points from Red Bull Racing. Making mistakes is human, but at the wheel of a Red Bull you aren´t allowed to make many of them. That has been the problem for Kvyat, whose performance and pace have varied a lot from race to race. The Russian pilot was under a lot of pressure from Red Bull, especially Dr Helmut Marko, already last season, and all that pressure seems to have been too much for the talented Russian.

Max Verstappen is now getting an opportunity of a lifetime by getting the chance to move to Red Bull all of a sudden. Of course it was very much expected, that the young Dutchman would join Red Bull sooner or later -probably for season 2017- , but this turn caught me by surprise indeed! The super fast Dutchman definitely has the talent and the skills to succeed at the wheel of the RB12. So now it´s all about how he deals with the pressure, which will come along with this move! Failure is not an option for Verstappen. Red Bull Racing is a controversial place for any talented driver; it can be a way into glorious success or it can end your career in Formula 1 for good. Which one will it be for the super talent Verstappen?

I think Max himself doesn´t probably realise yet, what kind of pressure he will be up against. In spite of his talent, raw speed and huge courage for overtaking, this young Dutchman is just 18 years old. Max is driving only his second season in Formula 1. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that Max has all the psychological skills needed to deal with the pressure he´ll be facing this season! But if he´s a part of Aki Hintsa´s team -like the Finnish F1 commentator Oskari Saari said he most likely is-, then I´m not worried about the psychological aspect. Hintsa´s method for wellness, training and winning is absolutely unique, and for sure it´s very much of help in terms of coping with pressure and mental challenges.

For sure the move to Red Bull Racing is a turning point in terms of Max´s Formula 1 career. It´ll be either a memorable success story or the fairytale that didn´t ever come true. I believe in Max Verstappen; he has every chance to be "the next Sebastian Vettel". There´s something extraordinary about this extremely fast young man; and I´m absolutely convinced he´ll prove that to everybody probably sooner than later!

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