Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

Malaysian GP: Vettel leaving me speechless!

Outstanding, awesome, superior, brilliant, in the class of his own, astonishing, superb.... I guess I´ve used every superlative I know in English when writing about Sebastian Vettel so far...! Two rounds done and 17 (or 18...) to go and the German Red Bull driver has a 24-point margin over Button who is 2nd in the championship table. Vettel has the maximum 50 points so he couldn´t have done any better! And he took a sweeping victory in Malaysia today in spite of problems with the KERS system, which makes me feel even more proud of him. What a start to the season, two wins in a row :D

As a huge Formula 1 fan I was absolutely delighted to watch so much overtaking and close wheel-to-wheel battle on the track so it seems that the new rules with the KERS and the moveable rear wing are actually working and  making F1 even more entertaining! And as far as the tyres are concerned, we saw a totally different show with the tyres and pitstops from what we saw in Australia. There has been a lot of talking about "saving your tyres" but Button put it pretty well at the post-race press conference saying that it actually isn´t very obvious how this is done, meaning that you can´t drive too aggressively but not too cautiously (slowly) either...!

The Lotus Renault team has made a huge step forward and joined the battle for podium places which I find very refreshing. Heidfeld did an impressive job by taking a superb start and driving an outstanding race finishing 3rd! No wonder Vettel was wondering what was that black car in his mirrors in Turn one, I guess nobody expected such a start from Heidfeld! The other Lotus Renault driver Petrov would have done a great job, too without going wide at the end of the race and taking that huge leap into retirement, which was such a shame. But on the basis of what we have seen both in Australia and today in Malaysia the Lotus Renault is definitely going to challenge if not Red Bull but surely McLaren and Ferrari in the constructors´championship!

What has happened to Vettel´s team-mate Mark Webber? There wasn´t found any significant failure in his car after his tame performance in Australia and today I´d say he also was like a ghost of what we saw last season. Of course it was obvious that Webber had the KERS problem right from the start which cost him dearly especially at the start but still... Vettel´s pace seems so clearly better than his team-mate´s. It´s interesting to see if it continues like this in China next weekend.

I can hardly wait to hear the comments that Vettel gave in Finnish after the race! The Finnish F1 TV crew wrote on Facebook today that Vettel summed up his feelings "in an interesting way" after the race but they aren´t sure if they can actually show the footage on TV...! I can hardly get any sleep tonight because I can´t help imagining what the German F1 ace has possibly blurted... Has he used some swearing words (why would he want to swear after a perfect victory...?) or said something rude or what is it what he said? And the other question on my mind: who has he learnt the words from, his physio Tommi Pärmäkoski or his good friend Kimi Räikkönen?

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