Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

sunnuntai 17. huhtikuuta 2011

Chinese GP: Vettel got beaten by Hamilton!

It was only yesterday when I wrote that I know there´s going to be the day when Sebastian Vettel DOESN´T win a grand prix. I just didn´t expect the day come this soon! But I do reckon that Hamilton deserved to win today after very impressive drive and excellent 3-stop strategy. Vettel on the other hand had a race full of various hiccups: not so perfect start where both McLaren drivers passed him, KERS issues after the first stint and problems with the team radio! So considering all those difficulties it´s very reasonable to be satisfied with the 2nd place he achieved! If I have to look for something positive about Vettel not winning the race today it might be the fact that it´s a bit easier for me to write this blog post when I don´t have to think up more new superlatives to describe his driving... ;) I mean after the Malaysian GP I wrote that Vettel left me speechless and that´s quite a strong expression. What could I possibly have said today if Vettel had grabbed another win??

It was only yesterday when I couldn´t help wondering what had happened to the other Red Bull driver during this season... Now I have to take back all my suspicious words! Mark Webber showed us what he´s capable of by making his way through from the 18th place to 3rd and getting on the podium! That was utterly astonishing drive from him indeed! After the race Webber sort of revealed his true thoughts by saying at the press conference that he was happy that somebody finally beat Seb... I mean he tried to put it a little better by saying that it´s good for the sport that Seb won´t be too far away from the others in the championship table. But no wonder he´s relieved because Seb has obviously had a lot better pace in the beginning of the season. It would be unnatural if he didn´t worry about it at all. And Webber being honest is actually quite respectable =)

Then there was the incident with Button trying to stop at the Red Bull pitbox at the first pitstop! Making mistakes is something that makes us humans and actually it was quite funny but it could have been a dangerous situation if the Red Bull pit crew hadn´t been so aware of what was happening! Luckily Button didn´t actually stop his car at the wrong pitbox but continued his way to his own pit crew. Like Vettel joked after the race, maybe there really is something special about the Red Bull pitbox because it seems to attract other drivers, too... :D What was best about the incident was that Vettel could pass Button thanks to his funny mistake!

Nico Rosberg in his Mercedes could have had a fantastic race today and maybe even reached the podium... without the problem with the fuel! If he hadn´t needed to save fuel he would have been able to fight aggressively against his rivals and possibly not lost so many positions... Such a shame, it would have been nice to see him on the podium! Mercedes GP needs to find and solve the problem before going to Turkey.

All and all Chinese GP was an absolutely thrilling race with intense wheel-to-wheel battle and a lot of overtaking! Now there´s going to be a 3-week break before going to Europe... Can´t wait what´s going to happen in Turkey!

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