Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Räikkönen & Sebastian Vettel

lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011

Turkish GP / Qualifying: 4 poles out of 4 for Vettel!

These three weeks without Formula 1 have felt like eternity! There just seems to be something missing from the weekend if there´s no F1 racing or rallying... And now there´s both of them!

Usually I follow the free practices on TV very closely (if only I´m not working) but yesterday I missed both free practice sessions because I was having a day off with my twin sister and we went shopping, go-karting and enjoying ourselves at a spa... I read the news on Facebook that Vettel had had a crash in FP1 and there was some damage on his car but if only I had actually SEEN the crash on TV, I probably wouldn´t have been able to relax and have fun ;) I mean the crash in the wet conditions looked pretty scary and it could have had much more serious consequences! Vettel could have easily suffered a concussion or even worse!

After seeing the crash today I just kept my fingers crossed for the qualifying. But in Q3 it turned out that I had absolutely no reason to worry about: Vettel took pole by four tenth of a second and he didn´t even have to go out for the second time! What utterly outstanding performance after that horrific crash. Vettel´s self-confidence must be perfect and he must have felt deep down in his heart that he hade done the absolutely perfect lap! That´s simply why I admire the man so so much: at the wheel of his F1 car he´s JUST PERFECT!!! So now it´s 4 poles-in-a-row for unbelievable Sebi... Will he break Mika Häkkinen´s record of 5-poles-in-a-row back in 1999? If I´m asked, I´m convinced that he will!

Rosberg snatching the 3rd place ahead of the McLaren and Ferrari drivers was a positive surprise indeed. It´s good to see that Mercedes GP will finally be able to bounce back! It´s interesting to see if Nico will actually have a chance to challenge the Red Bull drivers at the start. In China Vettel didn´t have a perfect start so Nico might have a chance if the Bulls don´t get the best start... I have to admit though that I expected more of Schumi after the FP3! I thought he would finally be able to make his way to the second row but we still have to wait for that...

There´s a possibility that Turkish GP will be driven in wet conditions this year. I´m sure it will be eventful anyway but difficult conditions may cause some unexpected surprises... And tactics may play a significant role like in China three weeks ago. I just hope that Red Bull will make the right decisions this time!

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